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50 Pack Set

50 Pack Set


In a world that moves too fast, where moments blend and memories fade, imagine a pause, a breath, a touch of the extraordinary. Our Have You Heard Card Set is not just a token, but a gateway to moments that matter. Each beautiful, rounded corner square card cradles a unique message, a whisper of inspiration designed not only to halt the hustle, but to stir the soul. 

  • Card Pack - 50 Have You Heard?

    50 of these beautiful Have You Heard Cards


    We guarantee quality. We accept unopened packages in their resellable condition. Returns will only accepted by Return Authorization Number and must be included on package. Only unopened or physically damaged card packs not due to shipper damage will be returned for a full refund once returned to 8 Martinis Publishing. 


    Shipping is a flat $8.00 for all orders. 

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